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8 Best WordPress DB Plugins for Cleanup and Optimization

Do you own a WordPress website? Do you want to improve your website’s speed and optimize your database regularly? If your answer is yes to both of these questions, you should know that getting a WordPress DB plugin is the only solution.

Before moving towards the point, you should know what a WordPress database cleanup plugin is. A WordPress DB plugin is like software that helps you optimize your site and increase its speed. There are different kinds of DB plugins, and they all work differently.

Some DB plugins optimize your site by removing cache and cleaning up your database. Others work by making a backup for your database files so you can recover them whenever you want. Sometimes a website gets hacked, or you wish to report a previously uploaded post. In such cases, backup files are always helpful.

Reviews of 8 Best WordPress DB Plugins

The hardest part of the debate is selecting the best WordPress DB plugin for your website. It is because if you picked the wrong DB Plugin, you might take a significant loss. If the DB plugin is not good enough, it might remove the crucial files while removing the cache.

We know about many DB plugins, but selecting the most suitable plugin is always a top choice for every user. You may face many problems after choosing the wrong and inefficient plugin. To protect you from severe loss, you must pick the right one.

Here we have a list of the eight best WordPress DB plugins for cleanup and optimization. Check these out and select the best among them.


Wp-Sweep is a free WordPress DB plugin that performs a single task. Its task is to remove every type of junk from the database of your site. Whether the trash is in the form of deleted comments, unapproved comments, or user data, Wp-sweep clears it all.

It also searches for duplicate content on your database and automatically eliminates it to lessen the load on the server. WP-Sweep doesn’t interfere with the MySQL queries, and hence there is decreased risk of the deletion of crucial files. It clears the cache every month.

WP Clean Up Optimizer

WP Clean Up Optimizer is a bit more advanced than WP-Sweep. It has a free version as well as paid versions. If you want to increase the speed of your site, then WP Clean Up Optimizer might be helpful to you. It also detects orphan data and solves this ever-lasting issue.

It removes all the junk data and increases the operational stability of the site. Before deleting any important file or a table, it notifies you about the file and asks for permission. In this way, it saves your website from going down. The premium versions allow several logins.

Smart Cleanup Tools

If you are tired of using single-function WordPress DB Plugins, we have a solution for you. Smart Cleanup Tools is a DB Plugin with 40 different settings. You can either delete all the junk files in the database with one click or select the desired files to delete.

You have to buy it only once for 30 dollars, and that’s a lifetime purchase. However, you can upgrade your account whenever you want by spending more money on it. Smart Cleanup tools allow you to schedule optimization and cleaning of your database.

WP Cleaner Pro

If you are looking for a multi-functional WP DB Plugin, we would recommend you WP Cleaner Pro. It ensures the fast working of your website to provide excellent customer service. With over 25 types of options, you can filter your database for unwanted files.

Similar to Smart Cleanup Tools, it is also a one-time purchase of 19 dollars. However, you can later upgrade to pro and business levels by buying more options. The best part of this plugin is that it runs the cleanup process in the background without hindering your tasks.


WP-Optimize is an all-in-one DB plugin that performs all the essential functions to speed up your website. It searches for junk and unnecessary files on your database and deletes them. It also compresses the images on your database to lessen the burden on the server.

WP-Optimize is free to install. However, you have to upgrade your account to a business or unlimited level to access multiple and unlimited sites. It also gives you an option to either delete the image or optimize it. Simply, WP-Optimize performs three basic tasks: Compression of images, deletion of unnecessary files, and caching pages.


If you are interested in a free and simple WordPress DB plugin, WP-DBManager might be the best choice for you. You can check the issues with your database on the dashboard of the plugin. It is a top choice for many users as it automatically makes a backup of your database.

You can also do a database repair or manage any damaged or corrupted files. It allows you to check the files that the plugin is going to delete. Also, you have access to the backup files. If you want to help the developer, you can send some donations as the plugin is free of cost.

WP Database Reset

Sometimes when you are making changes to your database to improve your website, you create a mess. Now, you have two options. You have to either delete the whole database and create a new one or go back to where everything was good.

WP Database reset allows you to reset your whole database or go back to that specific point where everything is fine. The plugin is free and provides one-click features. For additional security, the database doesn’t instantly reset on clicking the reset button.

WP Database Backup

The previous DB Plugin was to reset your database, and this plugin is to store your database files in a backup file. Before starting a cleanup of your database, never forget to make a backup. If you install WP Database Backup, you have to keep another plugin with it for other functions.

It is effortless to use as it has only two options: restore and back. You can either create a backup of your database or restore the deleted files from the backup( if you have created one). For installation, you have to pay 22 dollars, and you will get a license for the plugin.

Why Is Database Optimization Important?

Some website owners do not focus on the regular optimization of their site’s database. They don’t know the importance of Database optimization and its effects on the results of the site. If you don’t have enough time, you can get a plugin that offers automatic database optimization.

Database optimization increases the speed of your website and removes cache. Increased speed of the website is necessary for exclusive customer service. Also, google increases the rankings of the site with a clean database and high speed.

Regular optimization and backups of your site’s database can help you recover lost or deleted data quickly. When you remove extra cache from your database, it lessens the load on your servers, resulting in the site’s fast working.

Always Backup the Database Before Optimization

Many people ask why it is necessary to create a backup before optimizing your site’s database. Always keep in mind that a backup has no harmful effects on your site so that you can make it any time. However, it does have some long-lasting benefits for your site.

Whenever you use a plugin for your site’s database optimization, it removes the unnecessary files on your site’s database. However, your site’s database also contains files necessary for the proper functioning of the site. What if the plugin mistakenly deletes any helpful file?

Your website may go down in such a case. It is always better to keep a backup of your database, even if you will not optimize your database. Sometimes a website gets hacked by cybercriminals. If you have a backup of your database files, you can quickly get all your data.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How do I remove data from the WordPress database plugin?

After cleaning up your database, you can do it from the dashboard to delete the data from the DB plugin. Now, open Mysql and look for the plugin folder there. Delete it and also delete the plugin folder from your WordPress files by using FTP.

How do I optimize my WordPress database?

To optimize your site’s database, you have to install a relevant DB Plugin. Many plugins perform the optimization of the database along with several other tasks. The best WP DB Plugin for optimization is Wp Cleanup Optimizer.

What does WP DB Optimize do?

The main goal of the WP DB Optimizer is to increase the speed of your website. TO achieve this goal, it performs several tasks. These include optimizing the database, searching and removing junk files, and solving orphan files.

Is WP optimization good?

If you want to optimize your database, then WP-optimize might be good for you. However, many other plugins perform much better functions. WP Cleaner Pro and Smart Cleanup Tools are some other plugins good for the optimization of the database.

Is auto-optimize a caching plugin?

Yes, it searches for cache pages and removes them to increase the speed of the website. It works to improve the performance of the website.

How do I clean up my database?

You can use any database cleaning plugin for this task. The best Database cleaning plugins include WP Cleaner Pro, Smart Cleanup Tools, and WP-Optimize.

Final Remarks: WordPress DB Plugin

WordPress DB Plugins are essential if you want to improve the functioning and speed of your website. If your website’s database is not good, you can’t expect your website to work correctly. But the problem that many people face is that they can’t find a suitable Plugin for their site.

Here, we made a list of the eight best WordPress DB Plugins ideal for any website. Before using any of these Plugins, read the details thoroughly. Select the best plugin according to your requirements and budget. 

If you are already using any WP DB plugin, you can share your experience with us in the comment box.