Ecommerce Builders that are more popular than ever

wix pros and cons Wix has an extremely simple, unstructured online editor which allows you to drag any component to almost anywhere on the web page. It has some disadvantages, however, unlike other site builders. Wix might not offer the features that you need to manage your company. Wix may not be able give you … Read more

Ecommerce trends to follow in 2021

ecommerce trends user experience Social media is one of the top ecommerce trends for 2021. Intutive grid designs have evolved significantly from last year. Brands are now able to create multi-product web shops with multiple grids. These grids can be arranged in a variety of ways, including diagonally, up-and-left or up-and-down. While these experiments are … Read more

Shopify vs. Square: What’s Best for Your Website?

Shopify Vs Square

This Shopify vs. Square guide draws a comparison between these two renowned platforms, so you will decide to go for either website. To meet the demands of the modern lifestyle, we all need diversified sources of income. You cannot rely on your job if you want a tension-free life. In this digital world, we have … Read more