How to Make Money with Data Science?

data science Who are the Data Scientists? Data science is an interdisciplinary discipline that uses a variety scientific methods, practices and models to extract useful insights from large, noisy and unstructured data sets. These findings can then be applied to different contexts. Data science is primarily concerned with Computer Science, Statistics and Engineering, as well … Read more

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A Glimpse Into Discrete Probability Distribution and Its Types

Let’s have a glimpse of discrete probability distribution and its types. The main objective of this article is to understand the types of probability distribution and their examples. More focus will be on discrete probability distribution and its examples to understand it properly. The probability distribution is a statistical term. It helps understand statistical concepts … Read more

R vs. Python: Which One is Best for Data Analysis or Machine Learning

R vs. Python programming Language

Data analysts and AI engineers are well aware of the importance of different programming languages in machine learning. But those who are new to programming need an excellent helping hand to guide them. R vs. Python is a trending topic nowadays among AI engineers. Usually, programmers use Python for general programming. R language is mainly … Read more