Business Intelligence Tools that can reshape PMOs

Microsoft Power BI Key Features Microsoft Power BI is a powerful tool that can benefit your company. Here are a few examples. It helps you learn about your customers’ thinking patterns, it assists you to keep customers loyal, and it allows you to create marketing campaigns that turn prospects to loyal customers. Microsoft Power BI … Read more

Deep Learning vs. Machine Learning: Which One Will Suit You?

Deep Learning Vs. Machine Learning Which One Will Suit You

Deep Learning vs. Machine Learning is a topic that most people neglect and are not familiar with. It is because Deep Learning and Machine Learning look the same. But behind the scenes, both terminologies are incredibly different from each other. Many researchers and scientists predict that AI will rule the world of technology very soon. … Read more

Who Is a Business Intelligence Analyst and How To Become One?

Business Intelligence Analyst

A business intelligence analyst interprets an organizational data to come up with the right decision to achieve a goal. He is paramount to businesses, nowadays. This article will give clarity to what does a business intelligence analyst really do and how can someone become one. Firstly, What is Business Intelligence (BI)? Business Intelligence is a … Read more

How Would the Technology Industry Use Business Intelligence?

How Would the Technology Industry Use Business Intelligence

Business intelligence (BI) programs are critical to reducing analysts’ asynchronous reporting tasks. For reducing service desk economic capacity and raising the organization’s data protection. BI and technology are inextricably linked. Both programs are concerned with data and knowledge processing. Instead of responding to each reporting request and help call, self-service. As business analytics allows IT … Read more