8 Best WordPress DB Plugins for Cleanup and Optimization

WordPress DB Plugin

Do you own a WordPress website? Do you want to improve your website’s speed and optimize your database regularly? If your answer is yes to both of these questions, you should know that getting a WordPress DB plugin is the only solution. Before moving towards the point, you should know what a WordPress database cleanup … Read more

7 Best WooCommerce Shipping Plugins (Free + Paid)

WooCommerce Shipping Plugins

Do you also have an eCommerce store but facing problems while managing the procedure of product shipping? If so, lighten up because we’ll be going to tell you about some useful WooCommerce shipping plugins that will help you and your customers in numerous ways. Product shipping is one of the most critical aspects of an … Read more

How to Make Money with Data Science?

data science Who are the Data Scientists? Data science is an interdisciplinary discipline that uses a variety scientific methods, practices and models to extract useful insights from large, noisy and unstructured data sets. These findings can then be applied to different contexts. Data science is primarily concerned with Computer Science, Statistics and Engineering, as well … Read more

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9 Blogging mistakes that you should avoid in 2021

Choosing improper website builder Why this happens A website builder who chooses the wrong builder is one of the biggest mistakes they can make. I am not talking about choosing a poor quality or sketching one from a book. This is the most common reason that most new website builders fail. This mistake is caused … Read more