Learning Content Management System Guide: LCMS vs. LMS

elearning management platform

For a person unfamiliar with the e-Learning industry the terms such as Learning Content Management System (LCMS) and Learning Management System (LMS) may appear to be similar. As there is only a slight difference in the letter “C” between LCMS and LMS. But they are very different things that are intended for different purposes and … Read more

How to Set Up WordPress in 2021

WordPress Installation 2021

WordPress is the most sought-after website builder. It is known to be the source of 39% of the all world’s online business. This article is a step-by-step guide for WordPress, plugins, and theme installation. It will be equally beneficial for beginners as well as advanced developers. The power of online business is undeniable. Incorporating easy … Read more

How to Get Started with Websites

Getting Started with Websites

Making your brand presence online is a dire need in modern times, and you need websites for that. This article is equally insightful for startups and established brick-and-mortar stores. Businesses looking for affordable solutions to make an online presence can benefit hugely. Developing a website from scratch has never been easier before. A plethora of … Read more

Machine learning Vs AI: What’s the Difference?

Machine Learning vs AI

Machine learning vs AI is the buzzword in the last few years. Both the jargon have become intrinsic to our daily lives. We are oblivious to the rapid impact of both domains. Artificial intelligence encompasses training computers to demonstrate human-like behavior. Machine learning is a subdomain of artificial intelligence. It focuses on the automation of … Read more