Is Cloudflare Safe Is Cloudflare Safe

Is Cloudflare Safe? Cloudflare Performance and Security Review [2021]

Is Cloudflare safe? It is the question of almost every website owner who is worried about the protection and safety of his website. In this article, we will discuss the performance of Cloudflare and its working, and how it protects your website.

Are you also a website owner? Are you worried about the protection and privacy of your website? Don’t worry because we have a solution for you. Read the article thoroughly to know the complete trick of the security and speeding up of your website.

Is Cloudflare Safe: Overview

Have you ever faced a malware or a hacker attack on your site? If yes, you would be worried about its protection. Some software and companies offer the security of your website from unwanted bots, malware, and hackers.

But before trusting any software or company with your website’s info, first, you must know about the trustworthiness of that company. Unfortunately, if the company is unsafe, it may leak your data through the dark web or other sources.

Cloudflare is also a website protection company that offers the speedy working and security of your website. But here also it is necessary to know whether it is safe or not. To check this, we will discuss how Cloudflare works.

What Is Cloudflare?

Cloudflare is a company alternative to Akamai, Sucuri, Stalkpath, fastly, and many more. All these companies provide extra security to your website from external threats such as bots and hackers. However, some of these also boost the working of your website.

In 2007, Lee Holloway, Michelle Zatlyn, and Mathew Prince created this company. The main target of this company was to provide security and protection to the websites against cybercriminals. However, they noticed that it also improves the website’s loading speed.

How Does Cloudflare Work?

Cloudflare works with the help of its vast network of servers around the world. Whenever a client requests something, the closest server reacts to it hence saving time. Cloudflare’s technique speeds up the websites about 30 percent of their original speed.

Do you know “what is Cloudflare used for?” Cloudflare acts as a wall between any incoming request and your website. The system analyzes whether the request is original or spam and then takes action accordingly. It checks the IP address from where the demand is generated to see if it is suspicious or not.

If we talk technically, Cloudflare works as a “reverse proxy” and passes all the traffic through Cloudflare’s servers before it reaches your website. With this technique, Cloudflare keeps your site safe from unwanted requests and hackers.

Pros and Cons of Using Cloudflare

Every company in the world has two sides: dark and bright. Similarly, Cloudflare also has some advantages and disadvantages, essential to know about before trying it for your website. Read thoroughly to make a better decision about the selection of Cloudflare.

Pros of Using Cloudflare

After studying Cloudflare in detail, we found some fantastic advantages that most similar companies lack. Here are these.

More Than 200 Servers Across the Globe

To provide a faster loading speed to your website and respond to the customer’s request more quickly, Cloudflare has more than 200 servers. You can get access to Cloudflare in almost 102 countries which are half of the world’s countries.

Reduced Latency

Cloudflare serves to increase the efficiency of your website. Cloudflare’s servers available in 102 countries respond to the customer’s request quickly. As a result, the website works faster with almost negligible latency.

SSL Certificate

SSL (Secure Sockets Layers) certificate proves that your site’s connection is safe, and any visitor can open it without any hesitation. However, an SSL certificate is not easy to get. Cloudflare provides you this certificate so your visitors can search your site freely.

Protection of Your Site

Cloudflare ensures the protection of your site from unwanted traffic and requests. The latest technology firewall system detects suspicious requests or spam messages and stops them from reaching your website.

A Free Trial Period

For your comfort, Cloudflare offers a free trial period where you can use all the features of the Cloudflare premium. It also has a free version for those who don’t want to buy it. However, the free version lacks some fantastic features that only premium users can access.

Cons of Using Cloudflare

Every picture has a positive and negative side. Same is the case with Cloudflare. Though the cons are not very solid, they do exist. Let’s have a short survey of them to know what challenges a Cloudflare user may face.

Issues During Site Development

Whenever you make changes to your website, Cloudflare does not show the new content soon. It takes some time, and no visitor may have access to that material. During this time, you may disable Cloudflare and connect to your host so the visitors may directly access your site.

The Free Version Lacks Features

Though Cloudflare offers a free version for its users, it lacks some features. To access the full features of Cloudflare, you have to go premium.

Why Use Cloudflare In the First Place?

You should use Cloudflare because everyone prefers the best thing, and Cloudflare is the best company to provide security to your website. Besides the primary feature of protecting your website from hackers and unwanted traffic, it also improves your site’s efficiency.

Cloudflare increases the website speed by almost 30% of its original rate. Moreover, it also minimizes the latency with the help of the cloud of servers. The unlimited benefits make it the top choice of most website owners.

How to Set Up Cloudflare On Your Website?

First, create a Cloudflare account. Login to your account and click on the top bar. There you will find the option to add a website. They will require the root domain of your website. Enter it, and then Cloudflare automatically does everything. However, you have to set a plan yourself.

Cloudflare Plans and Their Benefits

Cloudflare has four pricing plans depending on the use of the features. Let’s check these out.

Free Plan

If you don’t want to buy the paid versions of Cloudflare, you can access some features of Cloudflare by this plan. It is free and has no charges.

Pro Plan

Here you have to pay 20 dollars per month, and you can enjoy some basic features which the free plan does not have. It is for those who have simple websites and are not very professionals.

Business Plan

The business plan has even more features, and its total fee is 200 dollars per month. Most exclusive website owners get this package as it is affordable and also reliable.

Enterprise Plan

Enterprise is the extreme level package that has all the exclusive features. Its price is not fixed, and you have to get a quote for it. Those with premier online businesses get this package to safeguard and improve their sites.

How to Get Started With A Free Trial of Cloudflare For Your Site?

A trial is essential to know about the performance of anything. Cloudflare also offers a free trial for its customer’s satisfaction. Here is how you can get a free trial for your website.

Open your Cloudflare account and add your website. Select the package that you want to activate on your website. Enter all the required details and select the option, “start free trial.” Your request for a free trial is submitted, and they will contact you shortly.

Is Cloudflare Safe or Not?

Only the performance of the company is not essential; its trustability also matters a lot. After analyzing all the aspects of Cloudflare, we can suggest it is a  safe and a trustable company. The increasing number of its subscribers every day also shows its satisfactory performance.

Cloudflare, in simple words, is a CDN ( content delivery network) that increases the security, performance, and reliability of websites. Its 14 years of successful journey since its creation is enough to prove that there is no harm in adding your website to Cloudflare.

Besides being safe, it also provides you services that most other companies don’t offer at such a low rate. The basic features are the improvement in site loading speed, security, and reliability.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is Cloudflare DNS safe?

The Cloudflare DNS is the safest to host your website. It reduces the risk of security breaches and increases your site performance and speed.

Does Cloudflare sell your data?

No, there are no chances that Cloudflare may leak your details or data. The company’s privacy policy includes being responsible for any loss or sharing of clients’ data.

Is Cloudflare DNS better than Google?

Yeah, according to most experts, Cloudflare’s DNS is far better than Google’s DNS. It provides a faster connection with the customers and offers extra security to your website’s data. Moreover, the privacy policy of Cloudflare’s DNS is also better than Google’s privacy policy.

Why should I use Cloudflare DNS?

You should use the Cloudflare DNS because it is the best to protect your site from external bugs and hackers. Also, it increases the efficiency and speed of your site.

Who owns Cloudflare?

Though three people are considered the founders of Cloudflare, Michelle Zalytan is its current owner.

Is Cloudflare really faster?

Yes. Cloudflare increases the speed of a website by 30 percent as of its original rate. The massive network of servers increases both the efficiency and speed of the website.

Final Remarks: Is Cloudflare Safe

Is Cloudflare safe or not? It is the question that people most often ask us. In this article, we tried to clear this ambiguity of our followers. In short, Cloudflare is the safest company to protect your website from external threats.

The basic theory on which Cloudflare works is CDN (content delivery network), which is quite the safest way to run your website. Technically, using the DNS and CDN techniques, no one can snatch your domain. It also helps to improve the loading speed and website response rate.

Moreover, the Cloudflare privacy policy includes not sharing any of your personal or domain data with anyone. If you have experience using Cloudflare, ping us in the comment box and share your experience. It might help others know more about Cloudflare.