What is Tethering What is Tethering

What is Tethering, and What Should You Know About It?

Connecting with the internet is now compulsory for everyone because of the digital era. But we can not take our wifi devices with us everywhere. We do bring smartphones and laptops. Without WiFi, we do not even look at them. Here the tethering comes in the center when there is no WiFi at most public places. But what is tethering? You hear about it but wonder what it is?

If you are not aware of what is tethering? You are in the right place because we got your questions and are happy to answer them.

Most of us experience it during traveling or whenever we go outside. We need wifi at that moment on our laptop or mobile. What to do? The boss is calling you, deadlines are on your head, but you are on a train with no wifi. Maybe you have some other work. The Internet is now a primary thing.

For a few moments when the internet is not available, we feel like we live in the stone age.  Therefore, connecting with the internet means you are alive and walking with the modern age. Let’s talk about more.

What is Tethering?

In simple words tethering definition is the process in which a smartphone connects with other devices to share the internet connection. You can connect a laptop or tablet. The connection is wireless, or you can create this connection through a USB cord. If your smartphone has a 4G, 3G data package, you can connect it with a laptop. Just turn on the personal hotspot.

You can also do it from the laptop. When there is wifi available on your laptop and not on mobile. You can quickly turn on the hotspot from the laptop network setting. This is a free process. In most of the working places, wifi is available for your laptop.

You can not connect it on mobile. In this condition, people use the tethering process by allowing the laptop hotspot on and using free internet. In this situation, if you are caught, you may face trouble. Well, there are different types of tethering.

USB Tethering 

The process is not quite simple. In this type of tethering, you need to install a device driver on your PC or laptop to your smartphone’s USB port. Use your computer connection manager to access your mobile data by setting a smartphone as a USB modem. The additional benefit of this type is that your smartphone gets in charge when connecting to the laptop.

The down point is you must have a USB cable and can use only one to one connection.

Bluetooth Tethering

For longer use, Bluetooth tethering is the right option for you. As an in-built feature of Android, you do need any USB cable. Pair your smartphone with a laptop. Set up the connection type on your laptop Bluetooth setting. In this, the speed is slow, but the battery load is lower. 

Only one connection is allowed through Bluetooth tethering.

Wifi Tethering

You can call a mobile hotspot a wifi tethering. It is an everyday use form of tethering. With 4G or 3G data with an internet package, you can convert a smartphone into a wifi router. It allows for many connections. To do this, turn on your mobile hotspot and connect your laptop. The same way you do to any other wifi network.

This method is easy, and you can connect to more devices—the pressure on a smartphone battery increases in this tethering.

Benefits to Tethering

Woman tethering

People who do not want to spend more money on buying devices for wifi connection. This option is cost-effective. You need 4G or 3G internet data, and you all easily connect them to your other devices. For internet connection, you charge for devices, cable, and other additional things. In this case, you do not spend money. Just turn on the hotspot, and wifi is available.

The most significant plus point is the tethering process is wireless. In a few cases, you need to use a USB cable. In upcoming years the world is moving towards wireless internet coverage. It is the best option. What if you are traveling and need the internet. In most public places, there is no free wifi available.

Here you can see the benefits of tethering by turning on the hotspot or Bluetooth. You can enjoy the internet connection.

You can connect it anywhere, on a train, in a public place, in an office and so on. In wireless tethering, you can connect many devices. The connectivity does not affect your internet connection. You can also experience a better internet connection because the hotspot antenna is bigger than your mobile phone.

You will always be available for messages and calls when using a tethering connection. No need to leave your phone with the device where the internet is connected. You can use social media when the connection is on.

For this connection of wifi, you do not need any software to install mobile or laptop. Which means it is user-friendly. Turn on the device, and it locates the wifi network. Follow the easy steps, and you are connecting to wifi within a few minutes. If your friends and family want a wifi connection, you can also connect their devices. The shareability is great in tethering. 

You can choose the number of payment plans depending on which mobile hotspot you opt for. On the basis of your budget and need, the choice is yours. Mobile hotspot, tethering provides much faster service, as compared to tethering from your mobile.

Downsides to Tethering

The tethering comes with some downsides. The pressure on the battery is increasing, which causes a drain of the battery. Many people face this problem. Within an hour or two hours, the battery becomes dead. It means for a few hours, you can enjoy a free wifi connection. If you are caught doing this, you can charge a fee. It is risky work.

If you are using wifi-hotspot for streaming videos or downloading something. You create problems for others because the speed of the internet then goes down. Many of the offices say no to it during office work. It badly affects theirs through slow down.

For security, it is essential to secure the wifi network by a password. No one knows when the risk comes to your head. If there is no security, you open up your personal phone to everyone. The security password minimizes hacker attacks. Sometimes the phone calls might not be possible to attend in rare cases.

Most of us experience these things, but we can see how beneficial tethering is. It is all about what is tethering. Right now, many people use this to gain some advantages. If we take this technology right and secure it, this is not that much worse.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is tethering and hotspot?

In the tethering process connecting one device to another for various purposes. The process is complete through USB/ data. While in a hotspot connecting the device with WiFi access to another device with no WiFi. Tethering is more efficient, while the hotspot is not very efficient.

What is tethering on my phone?

Broadcasting the mobile signal as a wifi network, connect your laptop or any other device connected to that internet connection. You can also call it a personal mobile hotspot or wifi hotspot.

Is tethering bad for your phone?

It causes a drain in the mobile battery, and is risky. Maybe hackers can attack if you do not put a security password.


Technology is a change from the past few years. The world is dreaming of a wireless and fast internet connection. Tethering is just begging towards this revolving. Therefore, to improve more, it is essential to understand what is tethering.

Tethering makes many things easier for us. The usage of the internet is going so fast. Therefore, the availability of the internet in every place becomes necessary. This gives you the easiest to connect with the world at any time and anywhere.