How to Create a CSV Fil How to Create a CSV Fil

Things You Need to Know on How to Create a CSV File

One might often think about what a CSV is and how to create a CSV file. CSV stands for comma-separated values. We do want to upload our custom data to Facebook directly. They might be using it for their marketing or business purposes.

So, we need to create a CSV file to upload and save our data. It helps in the calculation and easy delivery of data. Data can be well organized and easily managed by using CSV.

What is CSV File

A CSV (comma-separated value) document utilizes a comma to isolate values. Information records are placed in each word of the document. Each record comprises at least one field, which is spaced by commas.

Using the comma to perform a separator of a field is like the wellspring of the term for this record design. It can add multiple records and save them for later use.

Example of CSV File

We create CSV files for different purposes. It helps in a better understanding of the data. Some examples of CSV files are:

  • The record of readers in a library
  • The record in a Blood bank
  • The record of students in a school
  • Record in a Telephone book Diary
  • The record of Patients in a Hospital

How to Create a CSV File

There is a lot of different application software that is used to create a CSV file. A CSV is a book record, so it very well may be made and altered utilizing any word processor.

All the more often, in any case, a CSV record is made by trading (File > Export) an accounting page or information base in the program that made it.

Go to a connection underneath to make a CSV document in Notepad, Microsoft Excel, Open Office Calc, or Google Docs. The most commonly used software is Notepad, Excel, Google docs, and WPS.


To make a CSV file with a tool, first pick your number one word processor, like Notepad, etc., and open another document. At that point, enter the content information you need the document to contain, isolating each word with a comma and each line with another line.

Name1, Name2, Name3

Ones, Twos, Threes

Option1, Option2, Option3

Save this document with the expansion .CSV. You would then be able to open the record utilizing Microsoft Excel or another accounting page program. It would make a table of information.

Fields With Commas

Now, there is an issue. In the CSV record you made, commas isolate singular fields of information. Yet, imagine a scenario where the actual word has commas in it.

In contrast, the fields of information in your CSV record contain commas. You can secure and protect them by encasing those commas in twofold statements (“). The commas essential for your information are kept separate from the commas that separate the actual fields.

For example,

Name, “Matthew”, “Perry”

Age,” 20″, “25”

For instance, suppose that one of our content fields is a client-made depiction that permits commas in the portrayal. On the off chance that our information resembled it.


In 1975, two youthful PC devotees, Bill Gates and Paul Allen shaped Microsoft’s association. Like most new companies, Microsoft started little. However had an immense vision: a PC in each work area and each home. In June 1980, they employed Gates’ previous Harvard cohort Steve Ballmer to help run the organization.

The pair later became the reason for starting the early version of Notepad that was supposed to replace typewriters. Notepad is one of the earliest versions of a text editor used to save or edit personal data. For creating a CSV file, there are some sets of rules needed to follow.

  • Each record on a new line has to be separated with a line break. The last record is excluded from line breaks.
  • There might be an extra header line showing up as the mainline of the document with a similar configuration as ordinary record lines. The header contains names relating to the fields in the document.
  • Spaces are a part of the data, and you should not ignore them.
  • If there are some invalid entries, such as redundant data, it must be avoided.
  • Ensure to avoid mistakes as records can be mishandled.


Microsoft has been proactive while delivering the best products when it is related to high user experience. To make a CSV record utilizing Microsoft Excel, dispatch Excel and open the document, you need to save it in CSV design.

To create a CSV file in Microsoft Excel, we have to open it. Then look for an open menu. Under the open menu, there is an option of saving as, and here you can save your file as a CSV file.

After saving the file, you are free to insert the data. In excel, usually, the last line starts with two commas that indicate the last row. This is how you write to the CSV file your information.

Name, Age

Name, Robbin, Hill

Age, 25, 23,

OpenOffice Calc

OpenOffice is an open-source office profitability suite. The product is viable with all major working frameworks, including Microsoft Windows, Apple macOS, and Linux.

OpenOffice utilizes a double authorizing plan for source code commitments, and is uninhibitedly accessible to all clients. It is an extraordinary option in contrast to Microsoft Office. It runs in contrast to Microsoft office.

Openoffice Calc is another remarkable revolution to save and maintain records. To make a CSV document file using OpenOffice Calc, open OpenOfficeCalc and open the record you need to save as a CSV record.

Google Docs

How to Create a CSv File - Setht

Android came up with a major revolution in terms of Google docs. It was indeed a marvelous revolution. Google docs are the only software that can compete with Microsoft Excel. Sometimes there must be a competition as it’s the competition that helps you to achieve more.

Google Docs is Google’s program-based word processor. You can make, alter, and share archives on the web and access them from any PC with a web association. Being a competitor of Microsoft Excel separates Google Docs from its principal work area contender.

Google Docs was one of the main word processors to offer shared online report altering. To create a CSV file, Click open and save it as a CSV file. After saving, you can start saving your records. The Records are saved in the form of cells. Each cell represents a piece of information.

Converting CSV to Google sheets

It also enables us to convert a CSV into a google sheet. Open another or existing Google accounting page that you need to bring the CSV information into

  • On the top toolbar, click “Document.” A drop-down menu will show up.
  • Go to “Import.” The “Import record” menu will spring up.
  • Go to “Transfer” you can also decide to choose a document from your Google Drive.
  • Go to “Select a record from your gadget.”
  • Pick the organizer on your PC that contains the CSV record that you need to import.
  • Double-tap the CSV document that you need to import
  • Select your inclinations/settings in the “Import File” menu, for example, “Supplant information at the chosen cell.”
  • Go to “Import” information.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) 

What is the best Application to create a CSV file?

All of them are competing well in terms of being the best. But Google Docs was released recently, and since then, it’s doing good. But it has a major drawback that it needs an internet connection to keep working.

Do people still use notepads for creating CSV files?

Though creating CSV files in Notepad was an old thing. But there are some underdeveloped areas, and the institution does use notepads for saving and creating records.

Which Application is free to create a CSV file?

All of the applications that we mentioned, e.g., Notepad, excel, google docs, are free to use. You can use them any time you want

How to Use Google Docs?

Google Docs is open-source and free-to-use software that is accessible directly from google. Most android powered smartphones nowadays have Google docs by default. It is indeed changing millions of lives.


Well! That’s all about how to create a CSV file so far. We have come up with all the information related to your query. If you still have issues using any of the above methods for creating a CSV file, just comment. We’ll love to help you and solve your problem of how to write a CSV file.