How to Host Your Own Website: Beginner’s Guide to Web Hosting

How to Host Your Own Website

If you are a blogger, you are aware that the first need of every website is hosting. For the website, hosting is like a home, where all data is saved, and you can easily access the website data from anywhere, anytime. So, if you want to create a website, then it is compulsory to host … Read more

5 Best Squarespace Alternatives For Websites

Squarespace alternatives

If you search on Google or any search engine for the best builders for a website, then you will find Squarespace on the top of the list of most of the articles. Some websites also mentioned the Squarespace alternatives. However, most people don’t like the Squarespace website builder too much. Undoubtedly, Squarespace contains too many … Read more

Deep Learning vs. Machine Learning: Which One Will Suit You?

Deep Learning Vs. Machine Learning Which One Will Suit You

Deep Learning vs. Machine Learning is a topic that most people neglect and are not familiar with. It is because Deep Learning and Machine Learning look the same. But behind the scenes, both terminologies are incredibly different from each other. Many researchers and scientists predict that AI will rule the world of technology very soon. … Read more

Learning Content Management System Guide: LCMS vs. LMS

elearning management platform

For a person unfamiliar with the e-Learning industry the terms such as Learning Content Management System (LCMS) and Learning Management System (LMS) may appear to be similar. As there is only a slight difference in the letter “C” between LCMS and LMS. But they are very different things that are intended for different purposes and … Read more

How to Set Up WordPress in 2021

WordPress Installation 2021

WordPress is the most sought-after website builder. It is known to be the source of 39% of the all world’s online business. This article is a step-by-step guide for WordPress, plugins, and theme installation. It will be equally beneficial for beginners as well as advanced developers. The power of online business is undeniable. Incorporating easy … Read more